Best Business Internet Service providers of 2020

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Internet availability is location-based. You might have access to cable, fiber, or DSL internet as well as satellite. Speed, price, and bundle options vary by provider and location.

Choosing an internet service provider

To choosing the best internet service provider, consider the following:

  • Coverage – are they in your area?
  • Speed – how many devices are you using?
  • Price – what provider gives you the best price for what you need?
  • Promos – promotional and bundle offers save you cash.
  • Hidden costs – watch out for added fees for equipment, installation, and more. Additionally, look out for monthly data caps.
  • Contracts – some providers want you to sign long-term contracts with promotional offers that expire.

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Internet provider frequently asked questions

How much is internet only?
You may be able to find internet-only plans starting at $20/mo. Higher-speed internet plans may reach $100/mo.

Who has the best home internet service?
AT&T was ranked highest for customer satisfaction in 2019 by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

What’s a good home internet speed?

Twenty-five Mbps is considered broadband and is ideal for most online activities. One hundred Mbps is best for connecting multiple devices.

Which internet provider has the fastest speed?

Fiber-optic internet provider AT&T offer 1,000 Mbps in select areas.

Can I get cheaper internet?

Local internet service providers may have promotions, so it’s important to compare local providers. Internet providers are often willing to negotiate, so you may be able to upgrade your plan for a lower cost.

Should I bundle internet and TV?

If you plan on ordering multiple services, bundling is advantageous. Bundling can come with extra incentives such as discounted pricing and equipment upgrades. Our experts will make a recommendation based on your needs.

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